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December 13, 2019
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Managing Stress in a Changing World


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Program Administration

Leadership Skills: From Principles to Practice

This manual provides information that will augment and enrich your current leadership practices and help you to understand your role as a leader in this ever changing workforce environment...$14.00

The Child Care Supervisor’s Handbook

Right at your fingertips reference for managing change, motivating employees, performance appraisals, and much more...$14.00

How To Supervise People

Learn how to get  the job done through others by addressing relevant  issues such as tardiness, absenteeism, employee relations, delegating, and much more...$14.00

Team Building and Organizational Development

This manual focuses on the roles of team leaders and team players - both essential to creating a high performance team. It will help to identify and resolve problems teams encounter and offer strategies to prevent team breakdowns...$14.00

Business Management Skills for Child Care Programs

Make your business a success with this highly recommended manual for Family Day Care Homes, Group Day Care Homes, Small Centers, and Privately Owned Child Care Centers...$14.00

The Child Care Book of Forms

Forms for everyday use in operating and managing your Child Care Center include Attendance Report; Accident Injury Report; Parental Permission, and 43 more reproducible forms...$14.00

The Policies and Procedures Manual

Sample Policies for  Tardiness; Vacation; Sick Leave; Dress Code; Telephone Use; Performance Appraisals; Termination; Housekeeping and more!...$12.00

The Hiring Process

This manual is designed to help you - as a child care administrator or director - develop your interviewing skills as you determine the best candidates for positions in your child care facility...$12.00

The Parent Involvement Handbook

Getting parents involved in your child care center will build excellent relationships between parent, teacher, and child. Topics  include: The Parent's Role in Your Child Care Center, Public Relations, Parent Expectations and more...$12.00




Professional Development

Breaking the Stress Cycle

Everyday demands, priorities, ad pressures can cause undue stress. This is a Self Help Guide for Reducing Stress in Your Life. Own Your Feelings; Let Small Irritations Pass; Keep Your Cool; and more Stress Solutions!...$10.00

Motivation and Self Esteem For Those Who Teach

Understand the importance of motivation and self-esteem in your life; Stay motivated when you have opportunities to give up; Maintain and keep your self-esteem...$10.00

Nutrition and Health

Healthy Choices….Healthy Children

The food choices that child care professionals offer to the children in their care affect their health, growth, and intellectual development. This manual is designed to help teachers, cooks and staff members understand how food choices affect the health of children in their care...$10.00

Menus and Recipes

Nine weeks of menus and over 100 recipes make this manual a valuable addition to your “cooking” library. The children in your care will love you for it. Hmm. Let’s eat!...$14.00


Action Songs and Finger Plays

21 circle time songs are only the beginning for this book packed with over 200 songs and finger plays!...$10.00

Curriculum Activities For Lesson Planning

A host of silly songs and finger plays complement relevant curriculum planning information in this manual...$10.00

Creative Activities and Ideas for Teachers……By Teachers

All of the activities, recipes, and songs in this fun-filled book were written and submitted by child care professionals just like you. You’ll see what other teachers throughout the Southeast are using in their classrooms to create a fun-filled environment for learning...$10.00

Creative Activities and Ideas for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos

A Planning for Scheduling; Sharing Ideas with Parents; Helping Babies Feel Special; Activities for Listening and Talking...$10.00

Creative Activities and Ideas for Preschoolers

Creative Activities for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall; Toddler/Preschool Art Fair; Activity Planning; Age Appropriate Activities; Healthy Snack Recipes for Children; Activity Area Ideas and Requirements...$10.00

It’s After School Time!

This manual will guide your efforts to provide after school children with fun and enriching learning opportunities that extend beyond their school’s traditional academic style...$10.00

For Threes Only

Quality Care for Threes Developing Self Esteem in Threes; What Threes Can Do; Activities for Listening and Talking; Outdoor Activities for Threes; Indoor Activities for Threes ....and more...$10.00

It’s All About Fours

The physical, emotional, social, and intellectual attributes of four year olds as well as age appropriate activities are included in this manual...$10.00

The Creative Teacher

The intent of this manual is to excite and enhance creativity in the personhood of the creative teacher. Are you ready? Get set? Create!..$10.00

Creative Ideas for Bulletin Boards

The title of this manual says it all! Bulletin Board illustrations with detailed instructions are included...$14.00

Activities from A to Z

Energize your curriculum and provide fun opportunities for children to learn the alphabet. Over 200 activities are included to help children build a foundation for literacy and become excited about reading...$12.00




Teaching Strategies

Fundamentals of Child Development

The Eight stages of Development, Age Appropriate Ideas for Caregivers, Routines, and Schedules make this manual a "must read" for Child Care Providers...$10.00

The Stages of Child Development

The two kinds of developmental change - Quantitative and Quantitative—are examined in depth from infants to eight year olds...$10.00

Biting: Why Do Children Bite?

Young children bite for a variety of reasons. Find out how to create an environment that discourages biting behavior. When biting incidents occur, discover ways to handle these situations in a manner that benefits the child who is bitten as well as the child who bites...$10.00

Classroom Behavior Management

The purpose of this manual is to pass on some practical principles that will help you maintain control of your classroom as you help children eliminate the desire to misbehave...$10.00

Positive Discipline Manual with Solutions

This manual features techniques for practical classroom application that will help children learn self discipline, problem solving skills, and co-operation...$10.00

Building Self Esteem in Children

Each child needs to know that he or she is significant. This manual describes ways and methods to help children build a positive self image...$10.00

Listen Up! Effective Listening Skills

Improve your personal and  professional productivity through better listening.   Tips and techniques in this manual help you understand your listening style and the listening style of those you communicate with...$10.00

Communicating effectively with Parents, Co-Workers and Children

Communicating Effectively with Parents, Co-Workers and Children...$10.00

children develop a positive sense of self. As a teacher, you play an important role in helping children develop a sense of identity and self-esteem...

Social Emotional Development

The goal of this manual is to identify methods and techniques to help you understand the importance of social development in each child, and to also understand the important role you play in helping$10.00

Theoretical Principles of Child Development

Early care and education theorists are the people who develop ideas about how children grow and learn. Theorists use a variety of methods in developing their ideas, including observations of children. This manual focuses on impor-tance of the early years in child development and learning...$10.00